Standby K1 pocket knife - 17 cm

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The Homey’s StandBy K1 pocket knife

Whether you’re to go hiking, fishing or camping, going on a boat trip of doing some chores in and around the house, the Homey’s StandBy K1 pocket knife will always be of great help. Because of its neutral look, the StandBy K1 is also very suitable as a gift.

  • Razor sharp blade of stainless 3Cr13 steel with satin finish
  • Classic neutral looking wooden handle
  • One hand folding and unfolding system through thumb button
  • Solid liner lock
  • Including handy clip

The Homey’s brand

Homey’s is a fresh brand introduced by the men behind Homeij. With their tagline ‘Tools for life’ they clearly indicate what they want to focus when giving substance to their product range. Namely all conceivable tools you might need during indoor and outdoor life. Homey’s focuses on great functionality with a friendly price tag and sustainability if possible.


All Homey’s products come with a five year’s warranty.

5 year warranty